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Notes from the Laboratory: January 2022

I am trying this new “thing” of “reporting” what I was up to in a certain time period this year, and monthly reviews just sound like something normal people would do. So bear with me while I am typing up this report.

  • Focus: The fact, that I found a bug in my @davidsneighbour/hugo-pwa module while doing this writeup and fixing it subsequently before finishing this writeup is a sign that focusing on important things is still an issue.

  • Fixing things: The fact, that I found a bug in my @davidsneighbour/hugo-pwa module while doing this writeup and fixing it subsequently before finishing this writeup is a sign that fixing things is still what I can do on a moments notice.

  • Cleanup: I started cleaning up all my @davidsneighbour modules and projects. This is still work in progress, but I try to be done by the end of February. The plan is to create a maintainable environment for everything without making me looking at how it is set up each time. Not sure how “real” developers do it. Any time I am done with one thing I have an idea to improve it and get lost in that loop.

  • I added dark/light theming to this website and I wonder, how I never came to think about how to do it this easily. It’s just a bunch of CSS variables and a couple of lines of Alpine.js that make the magic work. The last step on this journey was this article on by Adam Argyle. This sound advise combined with a sudden spark of an idea on how to implement it with Bootstrap 5 lead to the current theme switcher. It’s still work in progress (I just yesterday made code samples love their respective theme). The “dim” theme still needs some work. But I am quite happy with the current display.

    I am also not done with the post headings yet. They look weird right now, I know. Live with it for a while.

  • Customers: I am aware that more and more customers just float away. A huge problem is that Covid won’t just disappear and the only industry on this island that matters, tourism, is still basically dead. Tour-organisations and promotional campaigns won’t be able to hide, that the re-invention and recovery of tourism on Ko Samui is a whole different topic and a massive task in 2022 and beyond that year.

  • Cooking: I am experimenting with “Fried rice with vegetables” and several kinds of Tofu (two different meals). Not sure yet if one or the other will make it into my standard repertoire.

  • Pokki: My baby (a shihtzu dog, don’t worry) is having more and more age related issues. Just yesterday his hind-legs gave up and he was crouching over the grounds for a day or two. He knows that his time is running out and I try to make it as amenable as possible for him. If I get up with the birds in the morning, today at 4 AM, we don’t even need to spend the rest of the morning cleaning the house 🐶 The whole “lets give him all the food he craves at all times” strategy spectacularly backfired. Lots of cleaning. I won’t be listening to anyone telling me to give him more food anymore.

  • Language Learning: I didn’t do much in this resort… well, I started looking into Golang… does that count? I am programming a little CLI app that ties into Hugo to create new content and objects of content.

  • All the other stuff: As always there was a lot of things that I just ignored or let slide. That’s life. I guess.

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