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Git push.default setup

Pushing a new branch to a repository’s remote often requires two attempts by the scatterbrained developer:

1❯ git push origin
2fatal: The current branch newbranchname has no upstream branch.
3To push the current branch and set the remote as upstream, use
5    git push --set-upstream origin newbranchname

While it’s easy to copy and paste that hint, there is a way to tell Git to create that missing branch the first time we attempt to push.

With the push.autoSetupRemote configuration option in Git, it automatically sets up the remote branch when pushing for the first time, eliminating the need to set the upstream branch or encountering errors due to missing upstream references.

Enabling push.autoSetupRemote is simple. Just use the following command:

1git config --global --add --bool push.autoSetupRemote true

This command sets the push.autoSetupRemote option to true globally, ensuring that Git automatically sets up the remote branch whenever you push for the first time in any repository on your system.

By enabling push.autoSetupRemote, you can avoid the hassle of thinking when setting up remote branches manually.

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Photo by Roman Synkevych via Unsplash

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Photo by Roman Synkevych via Unsplash

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Photo by Roman Synkevych via Unsplash

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