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Danny Kreutzfeldt: Verge

This is "Verge" by Danny Kreutzfeldt.

Danny Kreutzfeldt covered a wide range of styles from deep ambient dub to vast harshnoise soundscapes and went on to perform, collaborate and release under numerous monikers before discontinuing most of these activities around 2008.
Photo by Vincent van Zalingevia Unsplash
Photo by Vincent van Zalinge via Unsplash

There is a recent commit in GoHugo’s repositorythat removes several CLI parameters I was using in my projects. Those flags were --debug, --log, --logFile and --verboseLog. While I am not discussing this decision (I don’t like it, but I understand that keeping these things in the software needs someone able to keep them up to date and conclusive and the developer of the software seems to be unable to) I am still interested in the idea of having a file with all output of my Hugo runs available so I can parse through it and see what is going on while building the site.

Photo by Douglas Lopesvia Unsplash
Photo by Douglas Lopes via Unsplash

Are you annoyed of the two clicks and one line command to start your development server (or development watching process) each time you open VSCode? Then I can help you ;] I recently and finally got around to read through all the docs and found out that there is an easy way to do this in VSCode, via “Task configuration”.

March 28, 2022

Hugo 0.96 update notes

Hugo 0.96.0was published last weekend with two new features and many smaller changes and fixes under the hood. Here is a quick overview of the release. New features Vertical merging of content mounts Under this title hides a useful feature for Hugo Modules that mount content directories.

Photo by Marcel Eberlevia Unsplash
Photo by Marcel Eberle via Unsplash
March 21, 2022


I recentlystarted taking part in the #100DaysToOffloadchallenge. It’s a challenge that tries to create a larger output of content that is interesting and useful. I will try to write about the topics that I have learned during this time while still staying to be the nerd that I am.

A pork pie Alexa
A pork pie Alexa

This really important video about Alexa is a great example of how to use the Alexa API to create a skill. Not really, but watch it until the end to understand ;) From the videos description: Some interpreted it as a commentary on our over-reliance on consumerism, or of the unrealistic demands we make of material possessions.