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Photo by Cesar Carlevarino Aragon via Unsplash


The following is a collection of tools helping me with my digital and work life. My main focus lies in applications that are open source and usable across operating systems. This is a collection in progress, so check back or subscribe to updates to know when there is something new to know about.

Operating system

Ubuntu is my main operating system. I use it on my desktop, and it’s running on a server I am using. The last time I used Windows on my desktop was in 2004.


Todoist is my main task manager. I use it to manage my tasks, and I am using it to manage my projects. I am using it on the phone, via the Linux app, and via web interface.

I stay up to date with news and development by using Feedly as online feed reader.

Privacy and security

My password manager of choice is Enpass and I am using it on all my devices.

Notes, drafts and writing

For handwritten notes I am using reMarkable and for digital notes I am using Joplin.

Shell and terminal

To be written… Default Terminal with a bunch of Dotfiles.

Code Editor

To be written… VSCode, PHPStorm, Sublime Text

Look and feel

To be written… Nothing ;) I stopped trying to optimize my look and feel. I am using the default theme of Ubuntu and the default theme of VSCode.


To be written… Isn’t that what Look and Feel is about?


To be written… Not sure what I was thinking here… I am using a lot of extensions in VSCode, but I am not sure if I want to list them all here.


To be written… Two mediocre all in one stations, one by Acer (never again), one by HP (fake strong).

About /uses

/uses is a project that collects what tools, hardware and system setup people like me™ have to enable or easen up their daily work, creation and art. Find more at

Colleagues and Friends using /uses

Feel free to drop me a note if we are “acquainted” and I will link your /uses page here.

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