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March 28, 2022

Hugo 0.96 update notes

Hugo 0.96.0was published last weekend with two new features and many smaller changes and fixes under the hood. Here is a quick overview of the release. New features Vertical merging of content mounts Under this title hides a useful feature for Hugo Modules that mount content directories.


Hugo 0.95.0brings some really useful features (next to smaller speed increases as always) and upgrades the used Golang version to 1.18. New feature: {{ break }} and {{ continue }} break and continue are keywords known to developers of any programming language.


Some days ago I realised, that I keep all my configurations for GoHugo in the TOML format, while using YAML for the frontmatters in my content folder. That did not seem right ;) so I changed those too to TOML.

Photo by Mick Hauptvia Unsplash
Photo by Mick Haupt via Unsplash

Golangs $date.Format is unable to add ordinal suffixes to dates (like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th). Let’s not judge Golang for that. The following is how I remedy this issue: layouts/partials/func/formatOrdinalDate.html 1{{-$format:=.format-}} 2{{-$}} 3{{-$shortened:="th"-}} 4{{-ifin(slice12131)$date.Day-}} 5{{-$shortened="st"-}} 6{{-elseifin(slice222)$date.Day-}} 7{{-$shortened="and"-}} 8{{-elseifin(slice323)$date.Day-}} 9{{-$shortened="rd"-}} 10{{-end}} 11{{-return$date.

Photo by Christopher Gowervia Unsplash
Photo by Christopher Gower via Unsplash

If you are using the code styling functionality of GoHugo then you might have stumbled over a common issue when you are using Content Security Policies (CSP) and inline styles. Using CSPs is the proper way these days to secure your site code but it is considered (in the realm of CSPs) bad style to have your style sheets or JavaScript inlined into your page.

Photo by Gerry Roartyvia Unsplash
Photo by Gerry Roarty via Unsplash
October 27, 2021

Giscus Module for GoHugo

Giscusis a new star on the comment systems for static website generators orbit. It is inspired by the wonderful utterancesand uses Github Discussions to save comments. It’s open source, easily configurable, themeable, translatable, and you can host it on your own server(it’s JavaScript based) if you like.