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Photo by Paul Esch-Laurent via Unsplash

Update Npm Packages in All Available Nvm Environments

If you are like me, then you are probably using nvm to manage your node environments. I have a few projects that are using different node versions, and I have to switch between them from time to time. Sometimes then I forget having switched and type some globally installed npm command and end up, not having it installed in the current environment or not updated to the latest version.

Introducing safe npm

Safe npm commands

Socket’s “safe npm” is a command-line tool that wraps the npm command transparently and protects developers from malware, typo squats, install scripts, protestware, telemetry, and more. It works with all npm commands that can install new third-party code, including npm install, npm update, npm uninstall, npm rm, npm exec, and npx.

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