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Photo by Kelsy Gagnebin via Unsplash

Kurzschnitte II - Third Linkdump

Two is a company, three’s a crowd. … But three is also a magic number. So here’s the third installment of my linkdump series, Kurzschnitte II. I’m sharing a collection of articles and tutorials that caught my attention in the past few weeks.

Showing the Current Breakpoint for Bootstrap

Showing the Current Breakpoint for Bootstrap

The problem: I am refining the display of certain sections of my website and I need to know what exact break point is userd currently by Bootstrap. I am using the latest Bootstrap version. The solution: I created a shortcode or partial that I can use in my templates to display the current breakpoint.

Music to Program to, Part 8

“Flow State” by Above & Beyond is in my opinion an ideal soundtrack for enhancing concentration and workflow. The album’s 49 minutes of ambient compositions and neo-classical soundscapes create a serene and non-intrusive background, conducive to entering a state of deep focus, often referred to as the “flow state” in programming and other cognitive-intensive tasks.

Photo by Pantone

Pantone's color of the year Peach Fuzz in CSS

During difficult times, Pantone has chosen Peach Fuzz as its color of the year 2024. Peach Fuzz promotes community, togetherness, and self-awareness. It conveys a message of compassion and empathy, reflecting our desire for simpler times with a contemporary touch.

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