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Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi via Unsplash

Creating a Hugo site index

I recently cut out a feature from this website that exported all the content to a JSON file, which I then used to populate my Algolia search index. However, I removed this functionality because I found a more efficient search engine for my small blog.

Patch Notes: Hélène Vogelsinger

I am a huge fan of electrically created soundscapes. People with cables punching them into holes connecting things that rotate elecrons, reverb waves, negate sounds, and create, what is not there. Hélène Vogelsinger is one of these artists. She creates beautiful soundscapes with her modular synthesizers.

Photo by Todd Quackenbush via Unsplash

Notes from the Laboratory: April 2023

I am trying this new “thing” of “reporting” what I was up to in a certain time period this year, and monthly reviews just sound like something normal people would do. So bear with me while I am typing up this report.

That wasn’t my fault

That wasn't my fault

A slight spoiler warning for the third season of “Star Trek: Picard” ahead. I am binging currently (maybe later some notes about this habit) the third and final season of “Star Trek: Picard.” So many of my “peers” were unhappy about it and the whole three-season run.