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A hacker hacking away doing mischievous stuff.

Google's new OSV scanner

Google recently published a security scanner named OSV Scanner, that checks your files for vulnerabilities that hide in your code. It connects and checks for all issues collected on the OSV database. It is a great tool for developers to quickly check their code for vulnerabilities before they are released to the public.

Photo by April Pethybridge via Unsplash

Mastodon and Me

When Twitter was sold and bought (after plenty of pretending and peacocking) a couple of weeks by the worlds leading vapor ware promoter many complained about “their Twitter” being opened up to misogyny and hate speech. Let’s not talk about that ;) I myself never found a “home” in Twitter and use(d) it more or less only to add my own noise to the already existing noises.

Photo by Mila Tovar via Unsplash

Fixing Double Ci Runs When Pushing to Gitlab Branches

A while back I realized, that every time I pushed some commits to a branch on GitLab two separate CI pipelines started. That soon took up lots of free CI-minutes and became a problem. After some research I found out that this is, while it’s to be expected due to the design of the system, avoidable with a specific configuration addition.

Photo by Stefan Steinbauer via Unsplash

Protected .dotfile files with Keybase

For reasons I don’t want to go too deep into (I once again violated my rule to NOT install Ubuntu versions without a LTS in their name and ended up without eyes or ears) I had to reinstall my workstations and computers last week.