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This is a Hugo theme component that adds several icon sets to your Hugo website. Add this module [[module.imports]] path = “” disable = false ignoreConfig = false ignoreImports = false Latest Version modules/icons/v1.2023.3 (2023-10-15) Available Icon Fonts (bs/bootstrap): Bootstrap Icons (hr/heroicon): Hero Icons (tr/tablericon): Tabler Icons Usage This module adds sample pages with a list of all available icons when run in development mode:

Installation and Update

Installing First enable modules in your own repository: bash 1hugo mod init Then add this module to your required modules in config.toml. TOML YAML JSON (click to select config format) 1[module] 2[[module.imports]] 3 path = '' 1module: 2 imports: 3 - path: github.


Hugo 0.96 update notes

Hugo 0.96.0 was published last weekend with two new features and many smaller changes and fixes under the hood. Here is a quick overview of the release. New features Vertical merging of content mounts Under this title hides a useful feature for Hugo Modules that mount content directories.


Hugo 0.95 - Update Notes

Hugo 0.95.0 brings some really useful features (next to smaller speed increases as always) and upgrades the used Golang version to 1.18. New feature: {{ break }} and {{ continue }} break and continue are keywords known to developers of any programming language.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska via Unsplash

Hugo Shortcode: Taglist

I needed a Hugo shortcode to show a list of posts that belonged to a certain</a

tag, which is quite easy. Add the following to layouts/shortcodes/taglist.html or whatever name you like to use for the shortcode.

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