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Music to Program to, Part 8

“Flow State” by Above & Beyond is in my opinion an ideal soundtrack for enhancing concentration and workflow. The album’s 49 minutes of ambient compositions and neo-classical soundscapes create a serene and non-intrusive background, conducive to entering a state of deep focus, often referred to as the “flow state” in programming and other cognitive-intensive tasks.

  • Ambient Compositions: The tracks lack sudden changes or complex rhythms, which helps in minimizing distractions.

  • Neo-Classical Soundscapes: The genre’s smooth, harmonious elements are soothing, helping reduce stress (or even anxieties).

  • Background Noise Level: The subtle nature of the tracks allows them to blend perfectly into the background. Unlike songs with lyrics or heavy beats, this music doesn’t demand active listening, ideal for maintaining a steady workflow without becoming a distraction.

  • Length of Album: At 49 minutes, the album’s length is close to the typical duration of my work session (45 to 55 minutes). This aligns well with my own definition of a Tomato-hour.

  • Variety of Tracks: The 17 different tracks offer enough variety to prevent auditory fatigue or monotony, yet maintain a cohesive theme that keeps the mental state balanced and focused.

In short, ‘Flow State’ offers a harmonious and consistent auditory environment that enhances concentration, minimizes distractions, and promotes a productive, calm workflow. It’s a perfect sample of music to program to.

This is "Flow State" by Above and Beyond .

Above & Beyond are an electronic music group consisting of English DJs Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Finnish DJ Paavo Siljamäki. Formed in 2000, they are the owners of London-based electronic dance music labels Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep, and also host a weekly radio show titled Group Therapy Radio.

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