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The year Twitter died

The Year Twitter Died

There is this really well-written collection of articles on 2023, the year Twitter died on The Verge.

Twitter was so many things… Elon Musk killed Twitter. First he did it figuratively: firing most employees destabilizing it as a technology and a business, leaving the platform virtually unusable for those who remained. Then he killed it literally: renaming it X, giving Twitter a final ending after fifteen years of chaotic existence.

But in death there is understanding — now that it’s over, we can reckon with what Twitter really was:

  • a news cycle accelerator,
  • a tool of mass harassment,
  • an idealistic money-losing workplace,
  • and an infinite joke machine.

2023 will go down as… THE YEAR TWITTER DIED.

Four long reads are part of the collection, each offering a different perspective on what exactly Twitter was:

  • How Twitter sometimes dominated the news cycles: A deep dive into Twitter’s significant influence on news reporting and dissemination, shaping public opinion and media narratives worldwide.

  • What kind of a workplace Twitter was: An inside view of the work culture at Twitter, highlighting its unique and often idealistic environment, with unconventional approaches to employee engagement and corporate structure.

  • How Twitter enabled harassment: An insightful exploration of Twitter’s darker side, focusing on its role in facilitating online harassment, with a personal account illustrating its use for coordinated attacks, bullying, and hate speech.

  • How funny Twitter was, at times: A celebration of the lighter, humorous side of Twitter, with a compilation of some of the most memorable and hilarious tweets, showcasing the platform’s role as a space for comedy, wit, and levity.

This collection is a great read. I highly recommend it.

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