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React, visualized

React, visualized

Are you new to React and feeling overwhelmed by its concepts and syntax? Or maybe you’re a seasoned developer looking for a quick refresher on React’s fundamentals? Either way, the folks at and got you covered with their just released visualized guide to React. It’s a great way to get a quick overview of the framework, its pillars, and its ecosystem, and you can find it at

This course covers essential topics that every React developer should know, including the history of the web, the React way, passing props, managing state, rendering, managing effects, non-visual values, and teleporting data. This is an appetizer for their React course that’s expected to drop this summer.

Pizza and Tacos are involved. So, if you want to learn or refresh your React skills and enjoy some tasty treats along the way, head over to and get started. Happy coding and bon appétit!

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