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The greatest logo of them all

Well… that's a unique… logo?

I had a weird reaction (“well… that’s a unique logo?”) to my really great weblog logo above recently, so I thought I might as well explain it.

  1. Star Trek tops Star Wars (don’t even start discussing this)
  2. I am a wizard (I have people on record saying that about me)
  3. I am a dog person (cats suck, they want to take over the world and dominate us, wake up!)
  4. I like to research things, dive into details, find out why things are how they are (and you might too)
  5. I was born in Germany and lived there for a little bit over 29 years of my life
  6. I now live and work on an island (for 16+ years)
  7. … in Thailand (we might go into depth about that in a later post)
  8. I work with computers (obviously)
  9. Issac Asimov rules! (if you need further information please refer to logo part 4)
  10. I create code
  11. It’s always a work in progress

That’s it. Questions?

Sidenote: My first attempt at a was <> which everyone who codes for the web understands. This was merely immediately thwarted by my developer friend Somrat who pointed out a distinctive similarity to his own logo. Which I couldn’t let stand 😉

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