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Google’s new Not Found animation
Google’s new Not Found animation

Google has a nice little animation when you end up on a search result with no results. It’s a little blue monster fishing. Click it and it will start fishing for something. A fish, or a tin of fishes or, well, look for yourself.

Khruangbin: Khruangbin @ Villain | Pitchfork Live
December 31, 2021

Music for the New Year

Some mellow music to let the year run out to. No more programming for at least 10 hours ;)

This is "Khruangbin @ Villain | Pitchfork Live" by Khruangbin.

Khruangbin (/ˈkrʌŋbɪn/ KRUNG-bin; Thai: [kʰrɯa̯ŋ˥˩.bin], เครื่องบิน) is an American musical trio from Houston, Texas. The band comprises Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald Ray “DJ” Johnson Jr. on drums.
Earth’s Black Box by
Earth’s Black Box by
December 10, 2021

Earth's Black Box

It looks like earths climate catastrophe now has it’s own black box. Earth’s Black Box will record every step we take towards this catastrophe. Hundreds of data sets, measurements and interactions relating to the health of our planet will be continuously collected and safely stored for future generations.

November 16, 2021

Hyper Shell

There is nothing, you can’t do with Electron, apparently. Newest proof is Hyper, a shell inside of Electron(you read that right). Developed by Vercel, the app is theme-able and extensible by plugins, like any other Electron app. It doesn’t look though like any init scripts like .
November 15, 2021

You got to...

… subscribe to Stefan Judis’ Newsletter(click this link, load his site, scroll to the footer and subscribe). Trust me. It’s good. Weekly. His topics touch everything web development related and there is never an issue from which I don’t learn something new.

November 3, 2021

.gitignore for GoHugo

I really like(d) the gitignore-generator of Toptal.comwhere you can create your own customised .gitignore file by selecting all tools, frameworks, programming languages etc. that you use in a project. I even contributed(which is not too hard, hint hint). But somehowall these changes were removed by merging the status of what appears to be the parent project for these .