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Photo by Fikret tozak via Unsplash

WordPress Drops PHP 5

The WordPress blog announced on July 6th that starting from the next release (WP 6.3 on August 8th, 2023), the CMS will no longer support PHP 5. Yes, that’s correct. PHP 5.6, the final version of PHP 5, reached the end of its lifecycle on December 31st, 2018, but it was still supported by the most widely used CMS until recently.


Understanding SVG paths

Nanda Syahrasyad (not a number) has created a perfect little course for us to learn, how SVG paths work. Including paths, animations, and, of course, tests if we really understood what we learned. Highly recommended.

Photo by Henry & Co. via Unsplash

Removing all local and remote tags in Git

Every now and then I find myself in the situation of needing to tidy up my projects and remove large amounts of local and remote tags in my Git repositories. The procedure is not too hard, but I have to look it up again each time, so why not just writing it up.

Photo by Todd Quackenbush via Unsplash

Notes from the Laboratory: June 2023

It’s that time of the month again where I am trying this “new thing” of “reporting” what I was up to in a certain time period this year. So bear with me while I am typing up this report. 100DaysToOffload: I recently realised, that theoretically this whole 100 posts in one year thingy here on the blog is going on for 1.



This is a GoHugo theme component that solves the old question “What tags belong into the <head> tag of my website?” Set it up, configure it, forget it’s there. This component adds a multitude of tags and is extensively configurable.



This is a Hugo theme component with layouts to add a configurable sitemap to your website. Hugo itself has internal templates that add sitemaps, but this component has additional setup options per page. Add this module [[module.imports]] path = “” disable = false ignoreConfig = false ignoreImports = false Latest Version v1.