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This module attempts to replace internal templates used by Hugo with custom ones and other modules and plugins that add identical features more sophisticated or up-to-date. Internal templates of Hugo are highly opiniated, often out of time and not suitable for use in the production environment of a website. The layouts in this repo and it’s modules replace them with our own better setup.


hugo-robots — Creating a robots.txt

This component uses hugo-robots to create a robots.txt without much configuration. The only step to take is that robots.txt generation needs to be enabled in your configuration, eg. config.toml:

1enableRobotsTXT = true
1enableRobotsTXT: true
2   "enableRobotsTXT": true

Read more about detailed setup options at the documentation.

hugo-sitemap — Add a configurable sitemap

hugo-youtube — Add youtube videos via shortcode


If you are developing or maintaining a Hugo component or module that replaces one of the internal features of Hugo then feel free to add an issue or a pull request adding your work.

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