Pictures v0.1.3

This component for GoHugo adds partials and shortcodes to handle images on your website. It offers responsive image formats and optimised loading based on current browser abilities.


  • Image processing (aka. resizing, filters, cropping etc) is only available in Global and Page Resources. Global Resources are located in the assets folder of your repository, Page Resources are located within the content directory with your content files in so called Page Bundles. The images in your static directory are loaded as they are, not processed (other than evaluation of content type and sizing) and will not result in responsive image tags. All other features or options will work.
  • Lookup of images:
    • page bundle
    • global resources
    • static folder
    • warning about image not found on CLI
  • using name implies page resource and no further lookup will be done after image is not found


Available shortcodes currently are figure and gallery. Those shortcodes are served by partials that you can use in your own layout files with more extensive configurability. figure overrides the GoHugo internal figure shortcode.

Figure Shortcode

Possible call scenarios:

With unnamed parameters (static images preferred):

1{{< figure "path/to/image" >}}
2{{< figure "path/to/image" "alt-title" >}}

With named parameters:

1{{< figure src="path/to/image" title="" alt="" >}}
2{{< figure src="path/to/image" title="" alt="" >}}caption{{< /figure >}}
3{{< figure name="resource name" title="" alt="" >}}caption{{< /figure >}}

For now we think about device pixel ratios up to 4. (<– NOTE: what did we mean by that? Probably a 4xdpi thingy?)


option type notes
name string resource name to show (resources are defined in frontmatter or it’s the filename of the image in a page bundle
src string image to show (optional). must be relative to the static folder
link string link the image to something
linktarget string target of the link (typically you would want _blank as value for a new window, but anything goes here)
class string additional classes for the image (Note: not sure if image or figure tag)
alt string alt attribute for the image (optional, suggested)
title string title attribute for the image (optional)
command string command for image processing (optional, required with options)
options string options for image processing (optional, required with command)
width number width of the image (optional, could be evaluated from the resulting image)
height number height of the image (optional, could be evaluated from the resulting image)


1{{< figure >}}Something{{< /figure >}}
2{{< figure >}}

to be written.

Notes: right now it expects a galleryid parameter for a folder inside of pagebundle/gallery/galleryid and a type for bootstrap4 or bootstrap5. All images in that directory are parsed and shown. No sorting (todo), no gallery selection by frontmatter (todo).


Figure Partial

The figure partial executes the end of the shortcode (wording?) and can be called with an options dictionary of the following format:

 2 "name": "",
 3 "src": "",
 4 "height": 100,
 5 "width": 100,
 6 "title": "",
 7 "alt": "",
 8 "class": "",
 9 "link": "link to put the image in, param `link` required on the shortcode",
10 "caption": "markdownified content of .Inner, used for the caption of the image",
11 "srcset": "",


global Configuration

To be written.

configuration per shortcode/partial

Should be explained in their own chapters above.


To be written.

Notes about:

  • resources directory
  • caching (with hugo-netlification)
  • preloading (needs implementation)
  • maybe a walkthrough how this module implements current features?

Further Readings