Icons v1.2.10

This is a Hugo theme component that adds several icon sets to your Hugo website.

Add this module
path = "github.com/davidsneighbour/hugo-icons"
disable = false
ignoreConfig = false
ignoreImports = false
Latest Version v1.2.10 (2022-09-09)
Fix to this version
hugo mod get github.com/davidsneighbour/[email protected]

Available Icon Fonts


This module adds sample pages with a list of all available icons when run in development mode:

  • Bootstrap Icons at http://localhost:1313/dnb/bootstrap-icons/.
  • Hero Icons at http://localhost:1313/dnb/heroicons/.
  • Tabler Icons at http://localhost:1313/dnb/tabler-icons/.

Call these icons as partials:

1{{ partialCached "bsicon.html" "arrow-right" "arrow-right" }}
2{{ partialCached "heroicon.html" "arrow-right" "arrow-right" }}
3{{ partialCached "tablericon.html" "arrow-right" "arrow-right" }}