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Pictures v0.1.3

This component for GoHugo adds partials and shortcodes to handle images on your website. It offers responsive image formats and optimised loading based on current browser abilities. Work in progress!Check back for better documentation and more features. The following documentation is, as long as this note is here, only partial and might be missing important points.


Giscus v1.2.3

This is a Hugo theme component to add the Giscus comment system to static websites. Giscus is a comments system powered by GitHub Discussions. Note: Giscus is still under active development. GitHub is also still actively developing Discussions and its API.


Youtube v1.1.8

A responsive and very fast shortcode to add youtube videos to your Hugo website. Add this module [[module.imports]] path = "" disable = false ignoreConfig = false ignoreImports = false Latest Version v1.1.8 (2022-09-19) Fix to this version hugo mod get github.


Internals v1.0.4

This module attempts to replace internal templates used by Hugo with custom ones and other modules and plugins that add identical features more sophisticated or up-to-date. Internal templates of Hugo are highly opiniated, often out of time and not suitable for use in the production environment of a website.


Security v1.1.3

This module adds a security.txt file to your Hugo website with information about your preferred procedures to notify the developer team of your website about security issues on your website. Read more about security.txt, a proposed standard which allows websites to define security policies.


PWA v1.0.8

This is a Hugo theme component with helpers to convert your static GoHugo website into a PWA. This is work in progress and while many parts are already working, some changes to the setup will occur. Please watch the releases of this repository to be alerted about changes.


Netlification v1.2.6

This is a Hugo theme component with helpers to host your GoHugo generated static website on Netlify. If you don’t use Netlify, you DO NOT need this module. Add this module [[module.imports]] path = "" disable = false ignoreConfig = false ignoreImports = false Latest Version v1.


Head v1.1.18

This is a GoHugo theme component that solves the old question “What tags belong into the <head> tag of my website?” Set it up, configure it, forget it’s there. This component adds a multitude of tags and is extensively configurable.


Hooks v1.3.4

Hooks for GoHugo layouts. An easy way for theme developers to let users add partials and blocks at pre-defined safe places to their themes. We often want to add locations and places in our templates and layouts where it’s users can add something on their own.