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Run Hugo server when VSCode opens a workspace

I recently realised that every time I opened a certain project, I was running the same sequence of actions and commands to start the Hugo server. This involved opening a terminal, navigating to the project folder, and executing npm run server.

To streamline this process, I decided to leverage the tasks.json file in VSCode for automation. I created a task that runs the command npm run server and added it to my project. Now, every time I open my project, the Hugo server starts automatically.

Here is the content of my tasks.json file:

 2  "version": "2.0.0",
 3  "tasks": [
 4    {
 5      "label": "Hugo Server",
 6      "type": "shell",
 7      "command": "npm run server",
 8      "windows": {
 9        "command": "npm run server",
10      },
11      "group": "none",
12      "presentation": {
13        "reveal": "always",
14        "panel": "new"
15      },
16      "runOptions": {
17        "runOn": "folderOpen",
18      }
19    }
20  ]

Explanation of Properties:

  • label: A unique name for the task, here it’s "Hugo Server".
  • type: The type of task, "shell" in this case, indicating a shell command.
  • command: The command to be executed, "npm run server" for starting the Hugo server
  • windows: Platform-specific settings. Here, it repeats the same command for Windows.
  • group: The group classification of the task, "none" means it’s not part of any predefined group.
  • presentation: How the task’s output is displayed.
    • reveal: When to show the terminal, "always" in this case.
    • panel: Where to display the output, "new" opens a new panel.
  • runOptions: Additional execution settings.
    • runOn: When the task should run, "folderOpen" means it executes when the project folder (or workspace) is opened.

This configuration ensures that every time the specified workspace is opened, the Hugo server is automatically started, which saves a lot of my precious time ;)… it’s also convenient.

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