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Netlify’s new logo

Netlify's new logo

Netlify, one of my favorite deployment options and a web development platform, has recently introduced a new logo, marking a significant step towards a new overall visual identity. The company has used its signature teal gem logo for the past eight years, which has remained unchanged since its inception. However, with the recent acquisition of Gatsby and exceptional growth, they felt it was the perfect time to renovate their visual identity from the ground up.

Crafting a new brand is a massive undertaking, and Netlify approached the task like a developer by releasing changes iteratively, starting with a minimum viable product (MVP) and releasing new features as they are built. The new logo was created to tell the story of Netlify, drawing inspiration from optical dispersion (a little Pink Floyd hidden there). Optical dispersion is the phenomenon in which light separates into its individual colors as it passes through a medium, such as a prism or a droplet of water. For Netlify it is exemplifying convergence, velocity, and growth.

The Netlify Spark, as the new logo (see the header image) is called, is more than just a new logo; it’s the next iteration of Netlify’s story, the story of everyone building for the web. The lines conform to the ‘N’ shape, and all the cables then converge into a singular output, using Netlify as the conduit. The new logo reflects strength, durability, and approachability, and its design has been carefully thought out, with an immense amount of research and care going into the design process.

The Netlify Spark is more than a new logo: it’s the next iteration of Netlify’s story, your story, and the story of everyone building for the web.

Read their blog post about the new logo .

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