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Photo by Vincent van Zalinge via Unsplash

Changes to Hugo's debugging abilities on the CLI

Hugo in version 0.114.0 finally introduced the changes I wrote about a while back.

The hugo command on the CLI now dropped the --log and --verboseLog flags and deprecated the --verbose and --debug flags. Instead, it now uses the --logLevel as an indicator of verbosity. The --logLevel flag can be set to error, info, warn, or debug. The default seems to be warn.

If you wish to log the output of hugo you can refer to my post from last year about ways to pipe output to files in Bash.

As a theme developer you still have only ways to access WARN loglines via warnf and ERROR loglines via errorf. DEBUG and INFO loglines are not accessible from within a theme and belong to Hugo only. This is a bit of a bummer, but I guess it is what it is.