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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters via Unsplash

Just another New Year

Every year my feeds (yes, I am still reading my news via feeds) are filled with New Years resolutions and Old Year reviews. I myself dabbled in it a while, but for the past 10 years I gave up on this. 90% of good intentions are dead after the first 6 months of the year and the rest… well, just doesn’t make me a better person. So I started counting in a decimal based system (more about that later, on my 17.000th birthday).

Nonetheless I have some plans, thought out over the past two years, of things I want to accomplish or change over the next months. One of these was this blog (floating in peril to never be published at all for many years), others are listed below:

  • 🇹🇭 Learning Thai: I live in Thailand since January 8th 2005 - nearly 17 years now. I understand Thai quite well, I speak it less good and I am able to read and write the language not at all (well, some things I am able to decipher by getting used to it, but not in a sense of a logical competent reading of text). I learned Thai by speaking it, which in my (now educated) opinion is the wrong way to get it on. I should really start to learn to read and write the language. Now any person not knowing Thai would say, why didn’t you do it yet and dismiss me as lazy. Which I am, but let me explain: Thai has 44 consonants and 32 vowels. Thai has 5 tones. The words for “near” and “far” are identical for a foreigners ear (krai and krai, one has a “falling tone”, one has a “low tone”). Don’t tell me I am lazy. I started learning the characters more than once and always ended giving up after 20 or so characters. In the next months I will try to find a way to do the whole bunch and at least be able to read. I think, that from reading will come understanding and a certain amount of vocabulary to get things going to add Thai to one of my fluent languages.

  • 🤖 Learning a new computer or scripting language: For a while now I was quite complacent with my knowledge of web technologies and I only learned new stuff when I needed to implement something. I think I might have to learn something completely new. I never learned Python for instance, hehe. It’s mostly about application. If there is no use for it I have no interest… we’ll see…

  • 🧑‍🍳 Learning to cook (better): Every now and then I try to learn new stuff in the kitchen. Well. There is not much more to say about this. I am a terrible cook. Ask me about my News Years Eve dinner. Or better, don’t ask. It was a disaster.

There are some other projects I need to go on, like being more social, being less hermitty, being less than perfect. The last one might sound weird, but I tend to be overly perfect with what I publish and most of the time it’s a waste of the same… time. I shall commit to the rule of “release often, release early” mentality.

Let’s see. If it does not work out I will probably say that I didn’t even intend that to be a new year’s resolution 😁

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